Monday, January 21, 2008

So basically I suck at blogging! Sooo school has officially started and it's already kicking my trash. I spend literally 24/7 doing homework. It drives Jared nuts. Jared is enjoying school and beating Zelda on Wii. Christmas was absolutely amazing. We were able to spend two weeks in texas, a week in Utah nd a few days in Idaho. Of all the places, Texas was the best. Idaho is usually below 5 degrees and Utah is snowy... Texas was just perfect! It was 75 almost the whole time, and i loved being able to see the fam.

So the cars were basically my favorite part of Utah... They're snowcars. Jared's neighbor made something new everytime that it snowed. The week beofre it was the Simpsons sitting on the couch. When we were leaving town, he was working on the shark and the fish from Shark's tale.

Ps i also got lost on Mars over Christmas... It was pretty intense