Saturday, August 8, 2009

Idaho Vaca

I was able to go to Idaho with my parents on Vacation. We were able to do a lot of fun things! While we were there we went to David's wedding, 4-wheeling, jetskiing and many other things. Here are some pictures!

I tried so hard to get a really good picture of Kyli. This is what I got. I think the photographer got a few really good ones... Can't wait to see them!

Running around.... like Usually. There were a few times the photographer had to ask me to grab Kyli, she would NOT hold still for a second

Pretty Girl!

These are some four wheeling pics. Lisa and Tyler were in the back. Kyli and I didn't get quite this dirty.

When we got to the top of Two Top, we went shooting and took a few cute pics!

Lisa and Cameron

I LOVE this revolver, BUT holy cow does it have a kick. It was my grandfather's. The handle is pearl and the perfect size for me.

Kyli on the back of the four wheeler. This isn't quite how we rode up there, don't worry. She was sandwhiched between me and my dad. with a belt strapping her against us. It was about an hour and a half ride and she LOVED it. Fussed a little at first then closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride.
Kyli was so much fun. She loved playing in the dirt and picking the wild flowers. Still in her PJ's and as cute as ever!

Crazy hair on both girls!

Lisa and I

Picking some wild flowers! She loved to rip off the heads of the flowers and then squish them!

All the kids looking over the edge of the mountain.
Start of a very dirty, dusty day!

My and Kyli at Big Springs. Big springs is the beginning of one of the forks of the snake river. The view is excellent!

Told ya!

Lisa caught the bouquet. Dad still says shes not allowed to get married any time soon

Kyli just watching a movie and having a snack, she knows how this movie and popcorn thing works!