Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It is officially 5:30 and I cannot sleep, so I figured I would blog.  I kept Jared up for about 3 hours with tossing and turning and I finally quit and got up.  Unfortunately for me, no one is awake at 5:30 or I would give them a call and talk for a few.  Blogging is the next best thing right?

Well, we are liking living in Provo.  It has been pretty good so far.  Our ward is AMAZING.  they are on top of everything and try to keep everyone pretty involved.  For example, Enrichment night is Wednesday, Ward temple night is Thursday and we are having an ice cream social after RS broadcast on Saturday.  Already this semester, we have had a stake get together and a ward get together.  I'm pretty excited to get to know everyone in our ward since we will be here more than 4 months.  

Kyli is getting bigger and bigger each day.  She has started nursery which is WONDERFUL!!  It has been quite the transition for me.  I no longer know what to do with myself during Sunday school and Relief Society.  I find myself fidgeting.  It is weird not having her with me.  I am so used to chasing her around.  She has become quite the handful.  Her favorite things are climbing and exploring.  She had started signing a few words here and there.  I need to be more proactive with this.  She is so stinking smart.  

This is it for now, more later...