Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't Vacuum

So I realized something the other day, I don't vacuum. Ever.

Kylia crushed crackers all over the floor and I decided that the easiest way to clean it up would be to use the vacuum. I pulled it out and Ky started SCREAMING. It was ridiculous. The thing absolutely terrified her. Jared and I tried to convince her that it wasn't going to hurt her by softly patting the vacuum, but it didn't help. She was afraid to even look at it.

After I finished vacuuming, I put it away in the corner closet, while Ky was watching. For the rest of the night, she stared at the corner like it was going to come alive and eat her. We tried to feed her, but she was too afraid to take her eyes off the corner closet. We finally had to face her in the other direction so that she would eat.

Morale of the story? Don't ever vacuum

I would like to thank Shauna and the many games of scrabble for teaching me how to spell vacuum