Monday, February 11, 2008

Soo..... I woke up this morning to the baby kicking me in my back by my ribs and punching me in the bladdar! How does she do that? Isn't the uterus in the front? This baby stuff is crazy.

I'm just gonna brag for a second but I went snowboarding last weekend and it was sooo hard being sooo fat. Everytime I fell down, I couldn't stand back up because my belly was in the way... Suck

Saturday, February 9, 2008

soo, it's a girl!!! We are so freakin excited. Jared is absolutely adorable. Everytime we pass a baby, he stops and watches. It's really funny. Even if we're watching a moive and there is a baby, he gets this face. It is fun to be able to see and feel her moving around. She really comes alive right before I go to bed. She's going to be a very lively one. The picture isn't that great, but you can still kind of see her. May 4th is coming so quick! It's weird to think that she will be here before sumnmer! AAHH!