Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My sister-in-law showed me a wonderful trick the other day. Did you know that you can look up who reads your blog, where they are from, what words they used to search you from google, how often they search you, and so on? Creepy huh?! Haha I think it is pretty neat. So far, most of my readers are from the United States, Indonesia and the Netherlands. My top readers are: Lauren, Abbi, Jenni, and Erin (In that order).

If you want to check this out:
Go to your dashboard and click on stats.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello! Yes we are still alive! I'd say we have been busy, but we haven't. I guess we have just been enjoying this new place we call home. I'd say we are adjusting well. We enjoy spending most our time at the beach and playing in the waves.

Jared is in school and enjoying being so close to his brothers. He is taking a few fun classes. He is in a photography class and likes photographing the island. He is getting really into spear fishing. He has had two great catches so far. One was a squid, which he gave someone for bait and the other was some sort of fish. He is still practicing his cooking skills. He is trying to figure out how to cook fish PERFECTLY! He is dreaming of opening a smoked fish shop. MMMM!

Kylia loves having so many friends around. She is always keeping busy. She enjoys running around half-naked and is learning to build sand castles. When at the beach, she likes to chase the crabs and trap them. So far, she has almost crushed a few baby ones by chasing them to the water line. Her and her dad like to put them in the sand bucket and play with them before letting them go.

Me? For the most part I am just hanging out and making new friends. I have recently finished the Hunger Game series and was a little disappointed with the final book. I guess I just like endings that are a little more happy. I have been baby swapping and have enjoyed having some time with Jared. We have found our all-time favorite Restaurant. Kahuku Grill. It is a family owned restaurant and it is DELICIOUS! Jared and I eat there about every Wednesday night. Kylia and I usually spend our days at the beach enjoying the sun.

Anyways, life is good and the church is true! Have a great day!