Thursday, May 13, 2010


We are finally together in Texas and LOVING IT! Jared surprised me on our anniversary and showed up in Utah to help packup and drive. It really was SUCH a relief.

I am officially done with all my classes. I ended up getting A's in both my classes and am SO grateful for all the wonderful people in Utah who helped me get through. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Our trip down from Utah was quite eventful! We caravanned with Jenna Rasmussen and she helped us out SOO much. We literally stuffed her car with our junk! She was such a life saver. On our trip down, we discovered that sweet little Kylia gets VERY, VERY car sick. Every time she fell asleep, she would wake up puking on EVERYTHING. This was probably one of the worst car trips ever. By the time we actually got to Texas, everything in our car smelt like puke. To top it off, we hit a deer. Luckily, there was only a small dent in the car. We looked for the deer afterwards but never found it.

Now that we are in Texas, we are having a blast! Kylia has turned 2 and we had a lot of fun celebrating it! It is so crazy that she is getting old SOO stinking fast! She is always talking and going on about one thing or another. Her favorite thing to do is grab our hands and say, "come with me." She has recently started potty training. I have a new respect for my mother. I have no idea how she potty trained all NINE of us!! Seriously, it is HARD work. By 3 o'clock yesterday, we were out of panties and I was out of patience. My mom swooped in gave me a good pep talk and brought us more clean panties. By that afternoon, we had a WONDERFUL breakthrough. Kylia came running to me and asked me to go to the bathroom! HALLELUJAH! She is getting better and better. I am still afraid to have her sleep through the night in panties, but it will come!


Josh and Lauren said...

I missss youuu! And that adorable child of yours!!!! I'm so glad you made it home even though it was quite the disturbing car ride. LOVE you!!!

Jenni said...

I love all of this! hahaha so much to say! I am SO sorry about that car trip, holy smokes that sounds LONG!Also, I would like to say that I'm LOVING that your baby hungry. I wouldn't mind another gorgeous nelson baby one bit!

Enjoy our time in texas. We totally miss you guys out here!! Hopefully we'll be in hawaii visiting and partying soon!!