Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Zoo

One of our first adventures of the year was with going to the zoo with all of our friends. It was a blast!!! It was quite the adventure to haul all these kids around, but we did it and I think they enjoyed it!

The tigers were pretty cool. Kylia was probably the most fascinated with them. She stood and watch them forever!

This was Brayden as we started our zoo adventure. He really didn't seem that excited.

This was him when we ended our adventure! haha I love exhausted babies, they are SO cute!

Kylia and Kylin off on their own little adventure. Not quite sure what they are doing...

The kids took like three minutes and beat some bum up. He was just sitting there and they couldn't resist! Good thing he was a good sport about it! Thanks Airon!

Kylia is all smiles! She keeps asking to go back to the zoo! If only it weren't an hour away!

One of her best friends Evie.

Proof I was there too! I am usually the one behind the camera!

My hot date!

Kylia and Kylin holding hands. So cute!!

Lunch time with everyone

The peacocks wouldn't leave us alone. They just kept coming back for food.

Notice that he has the bread in his mouth. They were absolutely not afraid!

Here are a ton more pictures. Enjoy!

The End!

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