Monday, February 11, 2008

Soo..... I woke up this morning to the baby kicking me in my back by my ribs and punching me in the bladdar! How does she do that? Isn't the uterus in the front? This baby stuff is crazy.

I'm just gonna brag for a second but I went snowboarding last weekend and it was sooo hard being sooo fat. Everytime I fell down, I couldn't stand back up because my belly was in the way... Suck


abby & paxton said...

OH my gosh! Congrats on a baby girl! So cute! May - wow so fast! Good for you for even trying to go snowboarding while prego. i'll bet that was so difficult. So- am I going to see you at all before the baby is born in Dallas? You're moving there right- like in April maybe? I'd love to see you- probably in church right? Ok, well you take care. That's cute that Jared stops and watches every little baby. He'll be a good daddy. Take care!

Jenni.Jolley said...

ahhhh i didnt know it was a girl!!! that is SO GREAT! and it was so wonderful running into you the other day. you're so beautiful and look just great :) all my roomies were saying how you 2 were the cutest couple ever, it's true :) anyway, congrats! any name ideas??