Monday, February 23, 2009

Utah and shoe eating elevators

So this weekend we went to Utah.  We had a lot of fun for MANY different reasons!  Check it out! 


We got to visit Lauren!  It is crazy to think that she only has two months left!  We had so much fun.  We got to chase Kylia around and catch up on everything.  Turns out she is headed straight to San Antonio when she gets done with her mission!  Yeah!  I'm so excited that I will get to spend time with her this summer!  I can't wait!!!
Lauren told me that she is now a photographer.  She says she takes TONS of pictures.  These were some of the favorite posses.
And another one!
And Another!


Saturday was a good and bad day.  Bad because when we went to pick up Jared's brother Ben from the airport, my shoe lace got stuck in the escalator.  I freaked out and couldn't get my shoe free.  Jared's brother Spencer kicked my shoe free and when he did it ripped the laces out and shredded the lace holes(He saved my life from the blood sucking escalator).  The sad part was they wernt even a week old...  Jared got them for me for Valentine's Day. You can see how sad I am.

The good part of Saturday was picking up Ben.  It was a lot of fun to see everyone back together again.  Jared's family was so cute.  They were freaking out because Ben took so long to get off the air plane(video to come).  Ben brought back some AWESOME suveniors for the family.  Some of the things included:  Tribal masks and spears, carved animals, cheetah, lion, and leopared covered scriptures, shoes, a dress, and many other things.  We had a lot of fun listening to stories and looking at pictures!  Jared was happy to have him home!


Erin and Aaron said...

OH MY GOSH! I would have been FREAKIN out if my shoe lace got stuck!!! THat's so scary!!!

but hey, now you can get some new shoes, again!


abby and paxton said...

ok so i read you're moving to Hawaii??!?!??!? That is so crazy and awesome!! How exciting... but what exactly brings you there??? And where are you going to be this summer selling? San Ant/Houston?? Well- I'm sure I"ll see you one of these days this summer since your parents are in my ward... good luck with selling everything- that's so sad but very exciting too. Maybe when/if we decide to ever go to Hawaii, we'll have a place to stay eh? What part of Hawaii exactly would you be moving to?
Bummer on the new shoes!! I hate when things like that happen- especially to new merchandise :):)

AJ said...

hi charlotte,
sorry about your shoe- tear. i am trying to find the recipe i used for the gf/cf sugar cookies. coming soon, i promise.

Clay & Kristin said...

haha dang that sucks about your shoe- I thought i read this one a while ago btu i guess not... one time i got my finger caught in an elavator... so if you need some counseling after that.. I'm here