Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kylia has gotten SOO big! She gets into EVERYTHING! Each day, she seems to be getting bigger and smarter. She LOVES to dance. Whenever music comes on, she starts tapping her foot and bouncing! It is so cute! Here is Ky walking and notice her CUTE little pig tails. She reminds me of the little girl from Monsters inc.


Dev and Asha said...

Oh my gosh your baby isnt a baby anymore!! How sad!! We miss you guys! We have this enormous wish that we could get all of our friends to move out here because we love it here, but we miss our rexburg friends so much!!

Clay & Kristin said...

haha i see the boo in her- the little pig tails are adorable! but i dont like the word pig tails.. so for kylie... they can be kylie tails