Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bumps and Bruises

This past week has been quite the adventure. Kylia no matter how good at walking she is, has not yet discovered gravity and that if she jumps, she WILL fall.

I am going to start with about a week ago....

I was bathing Kyli and went around the corner to grab something, I was gone MAYBE 5 seconds. As I walked back into the room I am able to witness Ky jumping out of the tub hitting her head on the toilet and then falling to the ground. This incident left a bruise on her forehead. I felt so bad and learned NEVER to leave the bathroom, not even for a SECOND.

Fast forwarding a few days.

Kyli and I went to visit my parents because my good friend April was getting married (pictures to come). We were going to play a game so we all had adventured into the formal dining room. Jared called so I got up and went into the kitchen. I hear yelling and I run to the other room to find Kyli at the bottom of the stairs. Kyli had apparently climbed a couple of stairs and done a backflip off the stairs and landed on her forehead(other side). All in all, she was okay. HUGE knot on her forehead. It was green, purple, and blue. ONCE AGAIN, I felt horrible. She hated the ice pack and screamed whenever I put it on her.

Yesterday was a horrible day.

Kyli and me were in my bedroom, she was playing on her toy train and I was fixing my hair. She had climbed onto the seat of her train and was kneeling on the seat. I look over and she lunges forward and lands face first on the carpet (so lucky, one inch further and it would have been the hard floor). I had actually thought this might happen because I had seen how adventurous she is with this train. I thought that the bedroom was a safe place to play since if she did fall, she would land on carpet. FALSE. Kyli ended up biting her bottom lip and then her gums. She bit through her gums and left a gash the width of her two bottom teeth. THANK GOODNESS she only had two teeth. So Kyli was bleeding everywhere and I was freaking out trying to get her to stop bleeding. I had paper towels but I couldn't find the cut and she wouldn't stop bleeding. Whats worse is I had NO car and NO phone (I had loaned my phone to Jared's little brother for the day). I knew that something cold would help stop the bleeding. I fed her an icee pop sitting on the counter and was able to get her cleaned up. I grabbed another icee pop and headed for the couch. I sat her in the corner of the couch next to the arm rest. While feeding her the icee pop, she leaned over the side of the couch (like she always does) BUT this time she jumped, HEAD FIRST. Not even kidding. She screamed! She had landed in the exact spot she had bruised only a few days earlier from jumping off the stairs. I thought the original knot was HUGE, let me tell you! It was immediately larger than the previous knot. She had scuffed it up too from our fake wood floor. She went crazy and just screamed and screamed. What was I to do? I didn't know if I should go to the ER. I couldn't call anyone or even drive her there. Amidst my panicking I said a prayer and ran next door, no one home. Knocked a few more doors and NO ONE was home! I looked over the balcony and saw my friend, Melissa's car. I ran across the parking lot with a screaming baby and found her home. I called Jared but no one answered. Melissa and I were able to get her settled down and assessed the situation. She looked pretty beat up, but nothing life threatening. Eyes were dilating and she never lost consciousness. I called my mom, we did a run down and decided no trip to the ER. I called my brother, Dr. Ryan Hinckley (Dentist) he said that the teeth and gums would heal fine despite the injuries. Jared finally got home and got my messages. He came over to Melissa's and I sort of fell apart. I was a wreck! So amidst the crying (mine) Kyli finally started feeling better. Better enough at least to walk over and steal Jamison's (Melissa's little boy) pop sickle. We kept an eye on Kyli all day watching for some signs of a concussion. Thank goodness, she was doing okay.

Later that night, while bathing Kyli, I am talking to Jared. I was filling the bathtub and Jared yells "KYLI" I look and see her jumping head first into a nearly EMPTY bathtub. Luckily, Jared yelled in time and I barely caught her before she once again cracked her head on something hard. WHAT A DAY! I had had it. I had to give Jared, Kyli to keep from bawling. I walked around the room. Good Grief! My luck (and Kyli's) had been horrible. Even typing this makes my heart ache for her.

Since then, every stumble and every movement, my heart jumps and I become an overprotective mother diving for her daughter. What a week! Moral of the stories? No matter how careful you are, bad stuff still happens to those you love.


Karlee said...

HOW HORRIBLE! I couldn't imagine! Especially the feeling of not having an communication or car! Poor kylia! POOR YOU! She's an adventurous little thing! Obviously not afraid of much!

Collin and Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness What a week! We have hard floor and tile in most of our house and these stories make me wanna lay padding all over our house for when our baby comes. I'm sorry you've had such a rough week! Take care.

Clay & Kristin said...

dang Charly! that sucks! Who knew Ky wanted to be a sky diver or base jumper so soon in life! Good for her for figuring it out. ha just kidding.. but seriously that would be tramatic... good thing you didnt need the hospital- And rexburg again?? too bad I'll be in vegas but if you go fall semester then you can graduate!And we'd be up there one weekend for clay's little sisters baptism.. give me a call and update me on these things!