Friday, May 22, 2009

New Car and a GREAT deal!

So we finally got a new car!! We sold Jared's truck a year ago and I love our new car! I picked it out and i think that it is perfect for us. It drives AMAZING and better, it's a Toyota! We bought it from one of my dad's clients and were able to get it for cost! Now, If I want to leave this little apartment during the day, I TOTALLY can!
There are 3 rows, but the third row is kind of lame. It's usable, but only for people under 5 foot. All the rows fold down and it will be perfect for our two moves every year. It gets 20/ 24 MPG and costs about 35 to fill. I am so excited! YEAH!


Karlee said...

So exciting and SOO nice! I'm jealous! I've been trying to talk Kent into getting a new car FOREVER but he keeps telling me to wait! UGH! Enjoy it!!

abby and paxton said...

whoo hoo-congrats on the car. that'll be nice to have!!