Saturday, February 19, 2011

A few Pictures

We finally made it over to look at the sunbathing turtles. Kylia thought they were so awesome. She kept complaining that she couldn't touch them though. haha I would have thought she would have been afraid to get close to them, but NO way!

Kylia LOVED Valentine's day. What is there not to love? All the chocolate, candy, stuffed teddy bears, balloons... She was in Heaven!! For the most part, we kind of let her pig out. She definitely got spoiled that is for sure.
Our neighbors had a fun little cookie decorating party. There was plenty of cookies and candy to go around. They had more fun decorating the cookies than eating them. Some of them were stacked a couple inches high with candy. Pretty impressive!


Josh and Lauren said...

How fun!!!!

Jenni said...

hahaha she is SOOOO cute! I remember Valentines day being so fun as a kid because of all of the treats! Good thing she has awesome parents who let her enjoy it! We miss you guys!! I'm still working on Michael to get me to visit!!