Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

For Kylia's birthday this year, we had a princess tea party! The girls got all dressed up and came ready to play princess games!
Kylia surprised me this year by asking for a blue princess cake. Blue it is! Here are all our tea party delights!
The first thing on the agenda was to make princess necklaces. No princess is complete with out a beautiful necklace!
This is a lot more difficult than it looks!
Kylia had to help everyone when playing pin the crown on the princess!
I think the best part for all the kids is when you open presents! Everyone gets to help.
The kids table after a couple of spills. Every time one of the girls spilled, we just rolled down the table cloth. Fortunately, the girls spilled in the order that they were sitting!
More presents!
So excited!
Until next year!

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Clay & Kristin said...

Okay, first of all adorable! I love how big she is now! I remember when she used to spit up everywhere in the computer lab and I thought it was disgusting... But I love that they are so dizzy after 3 spins and Kylia's heels she's wearing are adorable I love it! Gosh I miss you guys!