Thursday, May 3, 2012


We have been completely crazy lately. Jared's parent's were here for two weeks, we got a break for a few days, then another family came and stayed with us for a week. So nice to finally have our little apartment back! Here are some pictures in no particular order.
Jared finally graduated!!! Almost.... 2 classes left! haha
Jared and his mama!
Kylia loves to be our picture model! haha So many poses!
happy Birthday Kylia! Quick cake and ice cream on her birthday! She is so excited for her party on Saturday!
Jared went to regionals with his SIFE team. Good news, they won! Bad news, he will be gone for another week. Here come Nationals!
Papa and Brayden
The Aerins
the boys, all in blue! Good lookin group!

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