Monday, June 8, 2009

LOVING San Antonio!

So we have had a LOT of fun lately. We are loving living in the San Antonio area. Lots of young people, GREAT WARD, close to family, and so many fun things to do. Take a look....

Everyone got to hold the parrots. They were a lot of fun.

This is at Sea World. They have a ton of fun shows to go to. Sea World has become one of our favorite places to visit lately.
The River walk is also a lot of fun. I hear it is so much nicer in the day time. Saturday night =PACKED.
We also love having so many great friends near. We have had a lot of fun adventures lately with the Ryggs.
Jared and Kylia checking out all the ducks.
More Friends.
Cool Car
Jared, just as cute as ever. This is Kyli's favorite place to be. She can see everything and if she gets tired, she can just sleep on his head.
Ky and daddy
This man yelled at us for doing this....

Just a cute picture!
Kyli and the dinos at the Witte Museum

Daddy and Kyli swimming
Jared got to play with one of the dolphins, so jealous
Silly girl

End of a fun day at Sea World
We got our own tour through the Budweiser Clydesdale's. They were HUGE. This one's back went to the top of Jared's head

This one tried to bite me. He left drool dripping from my fingers. YUCK!
Loving the Killer Whales


Aaronious said...

#1- ky's hair is getting SO blonde! It's soooooo adorable!!
#2 YOUR hair is getting SO long! I love it!!! Do you like it??
#3 Cute dress!
#4 Looks like you guys are having fun!!

Aaronious said...

that was me--Erin!

Jenni.Jolley said...

wait, weren't you guys going to move to Hawaii?! I can't keep up! And I cannot believe how big Kylia is looking and I've never even met her! You guys should venture up to Dallas around the 22n :)

P.S- you look great!

P.P.S- HOW EXCITED ARE YOU THAT LAUREN COMES HOME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

That's crazy!! Jon Rygg was in the Ward that I grew up in in New Jersey. Small world! You guys look great - love your hair Charlotte.