Monday, June 22, 2009

Friendly Neighborhood Gecko

Last night, I had an interesting encounter with a gecko. I had gone to let the dog out and a gecko came flying down from the ceiling nearly landing on me. I decided that the gecko would probably die in the house so I set on a mission to rescue my dear friend. Too bad my new little gecko friend didn't want to be rescued. For almost 45 minutes I tried capturing this creature to let him outside. Finally, we were laying under the table, cup in hand and gecko in sight. My brother Tyler quickly put the cup over the gecko and off pops his tail.

Does anyone know what happens when a gecko's tail falls off? It is absolutely disgusting. I knew they fell off, but I didn't know that they did a little dance for you first. This tail went crazy. It was bouncing nearly an inch in the air and bouncing off the wall. It freaked me out. I wasn't prepared for this. I screamed, scared my brother who then accidentally let the gecko's head get out of the cup and nearly squished off his head. I screamed again because I thought the gecko's eyes were going to pop out because they started bulging.

And that was my night. Horrifying for an unsuspecting gecko saver. Never will I ever try to save another gecko. Never.

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Clay & Kristin said...

Hahahaha oh my heck Charly! I can totally see this happening... but did you ever rescuse the gecko?