Thursday, June 18, 2009


So Jared and I don't know what to do in the fall. Jared has been accepted to both BYU in Utah and Hawaii for the fall, but we have a few problems. No housing yet in Hawaii or Utah. Hawaii there is probably no way we could get housing at this point and don't really know how to go about looking for housing in Utah because I've never been there and am dreading the process. Problem two, our contract doesn't expire here till November. The plan was and probably still is to stay here for the fall. I could call the schools and defer the fall semester or reapply for the winter, but we still have the problem. Housing and really not knowing what we should do. Hawaii would be SO fun and we would be close to family, but Utah has a very good business program and it too is close to family. BUT there is the other option of just going back to Idaho so I could graduate rather than take classes and transfer them back. BLAH! i hate decisions. I'm good with pretty much anything but the problem is figuring out which is the right decision especially if we want to have more kids (NOT THAT WE'RE PLANNING TO RIGHT NOW, BUT EVENTUALLY)

We had been planning on going to Hawaii so we sold everything in Idaho and now have all that we own in San Antonio. I just don't know what to do!


Erin and Aaron said...

you know what our vote is ;) and we can always help you find housing if you are serious about coming!

Try the byuh housing website first and see if there is anything you like. If not, again, we can always look around for you two. :)

Erin and Aaron said...

ps. on the website make sure you change the 'contrat' option to 'noncontract' or nothing will pop up

Karlee said...

Don't you HATEE making decisions that will effect your future? I hate it! Good luck on trying to figure it all out..I know it's never fun!

Clay & Kristin said...

I vote either BYU-I or provo! Either way it'll be easier to visit you than hawaii... although not as fun.