Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

This year has been one of change and excitement! We began this year in Provo, Utah. Then, moved to Texas for the summer and finally, Hawaii for good. We are hoping to stay here until Jared graduates in April of 2012, but as you know, our plans tend to change all the time.

We have been enjoying living in Hawaii. We are trying to get out and make sure that we make the most of our time here. Why live in Hawaii if you don’t get to experience it all?

The biggest change of this year is that we are expecting another baby! Charlotte is due on June 22 and we are so excited! Kylia doesn’t quite understand, but she sure talks about the baby a lot. She is going to be a fabulous older sister!

Jared received his Associate degree in April from BYU-Idaho. He is glad that he is at least halfway to receiving his Bachelor’s. This summer he was once again doing summer sales in Texas. Just like each year, he has said that he is done and will never go back. He loves being back in Hawaii and closer to some of his brothers. He has taken up spear fishing, boogie boarding, and the occasional surf.

Charlotte also finished up some schooling this year. She received her Bachelor’s from BYU-Idaho in April. She enjoyed spending the summer close to her family and some time away from school. She has made lots of new friends in Hawaii. They enjoy taking trips to the beach and exploring the island.

Kylia never stops moving. She is a giant ball of energy. She is always making friends everywhere that she goes. She is in a local Hawaiian “Mommy and Me” program. They are always teaching fun new things like how to make a lei, shuck a coconut, make little drums out of some of the plants, and playing in the taro patches. She is getting so big and already loves talking on the phone. She is currently crazy about princesses and all things girly. She is always surprising us with new things that she can do!

We sure love you guys and wish the best for you and your family this upcoming year!

Best Wishes,

Jared, Charlotte, and Kylia Nelson

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Josh and Lauren said...

Love and miss you guys!!!!!