Monday, December 6, 2010

No Home For Christmas

So our land lord is REALLY lame. We have to be out our apartment on the 17th of December. She rented it to some vacationers on the 19th. We had originally talked about extending our lease through Christmas, but we didn't get it in writting! Woops! Our new apartment opens up on the 28th. What are we going to do? Don't know! It is really starting to depress me. I guess we could set up a Christmas tree in our truck and hang stockings from the windows. BOO. We were thinking we might fly home and in the last week, plane tickets have skyrocketed. $1900 if we want to fly home for Christmas. Too late for that! Luckily, we have great friends who offered us places to stay. We are thinking we will go from house to house. So grateful that so many people have volunteered to take us in. It just is kind of a sucky situation.

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