Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here chicky chicky!

So for Easter, we decided to get Kylia baby chicks. She came with us to pick them out. She was SO excited at the store. She was jumping up and down screaming. We decided to get a yellow one and a black one.
At first, She seemed to really like them. We helped her pet them and let them run around on paper on the floor.
BUT then she decided she HATED them. It got to the point where we couldn't even get her to look at them. I held open her hand so she could hold one and she started screaming and almost threw the bird across the room.

She just kept running from them every time we showed them to her. It was kind of funny, but sad at the same time. She hated our little present which is weird because she will often sit by the window and scream "Burr, Burr!!" Which is why we thought that she would love them, but I guess she likes them better at a distance.
Look how cute they are! The yellow one is asleep here and the black one liked to cuddle into Jared's palm.
Well after about an hour of Kylia screaming and running from them, we decided that she was too young and we took them back. Unfortunately for us, they don't take animals back once they have been outside..... We were able to return the heat lamp and everything else, but we gave the little chickys to a couple that raised them.
What is funny is that I really miss them! They were so stinking cute and so much fun to watch run around.


Lauralee, Dean and Camden said...

That is so funny! Those chicks are too cute! I bet they were fun while they lasted!

abby and paxton said...

awww poor thing. haha funny she was so scared of it.
i haven't read your blog in so long- i don't know why ! she is getting so big! and so cute!
I love your little sister- she is such a great girl and great example to the other YW. She's so sweet- she has been so excited for me that I am pregnant and always ooing at my little belly bump. hehe.

Jenni said...

Hey Girl! Those pictures are SO cute. seriously- you all are the cutest little family EVER! So... Michael will be in Texas on the 11th and he flies to me in Oregon on the 15th :) Then we'll both come back to Idaho together for the summer. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!