Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My little Sister

So my little sister is a wonderful exmample to me. She called me yesterday excited that she had gotten her first LEAD role in a play. BUT she was a little nervous. She told me that this role required her to make out with a guy on stage, take off his shirt, and drag him off stage(as if going to have sex). She told me that she REALLY wanted a lead role, but she didn't know how she felt about this.

Lisa: I know mom and dad will be mad. They wouldn't want me to do this, but it is my FIRST lead.

Me: Is it worth fighting with them about it?

Lisa: It's not just that. What if my friends come to see the play? What if the younger girls from the ward come to watch? I know its just a play but I don't want anyone to think anything about me because of this. What should I do?

Me: Well, its up to you.

Lisa: I know but, the list is technically posted tomorrow. My teacher just told me I already got it. I want A part. I think that It might be too late.

So I basically told Lisa to email her teacher and see what happens. Lisa ended up telling the teacher she wasn't comfortable with it and that her parents wouldn't like it. She ended up not getting the part and getting a much smaller role. She told me that she knew she did what was right, but that she was just a little dissapointed that she didn't get a lead. I told her that hopefully another role would come her way.

I wish that I had been more like her when I was young. She is very strong, has a good head on her shoulders, and is such a good example to me and those around her.

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