Thursday, March 26, 2009


Often times, Kylia puts dad to sleep instead of the other way around

"Mom, I'm board. Can I come play with you?"

She LOVES her Cow-thing

I know, so many videos but I'm obsessed. Can you blame me? Look at how stinking cute she is! Plus she has a fever of 101.5 in this. What a tough little girl!

She LOVES to play the piano!

Ky has become our little shadow. She loves being around people ESPECIALLY when they have food. She has started eating somethings from off the table and she is loving all the new tastes of things.


Shauna said...

She is like a little puppy, when she finishes her shadowing trick she gets a treat. I'd do the same...

I think she's headed for a jazz piano future. She has that alternate rhythm thing going.


Jenni said...

it is absolutely unbelievable to me how big she is! She is so beautiful! You guys are just such a gorgeous family! So, where are you living these days?!