Saturday, January 17, 2009

For the love of greenbeens!

So this morning Kyli decided she does NOT like green beans. First spoonful? She gagged, full on gagged. Second spoonful? She learned how to spit them out. Bad news.

Ky usually likes food, but this morning was a new story. I wanted to get some green beans down so I decided to give her one of her favorite treats on top of the green beans. This only worked once.

From then on, I had to trick her to get them down. I would hold out a treat and when she opened her mouth, I'd surprise her with green beans. BUT I had to stop doing this because she started to cry every time. So I let her win today and decided to just give her some of her snacks instead.

Yum, Yum!!!

I think I'll have another

Yeah for snacks!!


April said...

hey i went private on my blog so if you'd like to continue to read it message me on facebook with your e-mail address and i'll add you

Shauna said...

We miss you guys so much. Kylia says she needs to see her grandma. No more green beans. I didn't make you eat that slimmy stuff when you were little. Green beans are toxic. They cause permanent bad breath and if you eat to many, your poop is stinky. I'm with Kylia on this one. Give it back, girl, take a stank against green beans. Don't give in to those lame treat tricks. Love ya lots, and remember green beans cause tears and trauma. mom Hinckley

Clay & Kristin said...

that is so dang cute! It's going really well! LV is awesome the weather is warm and I'm a fan. Hey but i'll try giving you a call sometime this week so we can bond. I hope all if well for your cute family