Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ky's New Room

After 8 months, we finally put together a cute room for Ky. My mom bought me a lot of fun stuff to decorate and Jared and I finally broke down and bought a crib. What do you think?

Nice litte curtain too!
She was so excited!  Not realizing what she was doing she let go and took her first 4 steps.  

Kylia got in a fight with some squashes, guess who won?

Cute new outfit!  Thanks Grandma!


Lance and Nikki said...

That's the cutest little room! I need some cute curtains

Tyler and Kelly said...

THe room is so CUTE!! i love it and I love the crib!!!

Clay & Kristin said...

you kids are way too cute!! I want to see that room! its adorable charly!