Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hawaii Pictures

At the last minute we decided that we wanted to spend Christmas in Hawaii. It was so much fun! It is nice to get away from the frozen north for once! Kylia absolutely loved the water, sand, and sun.


Mike and Sarah Orme said...

Im happy that you wanna do the food blog. I just need your email so you can have access to the blog.

Kristen said...

i DO take pictures for people.

all of my pictures, pricing, info, everything is on my website. go check it out! :)

HAWAII?? how cool is that?!! you guys look like you had lots of fun!

Critchfield fam said...

Lucky! Someday we'll go to Hawaii! Kylia is so cute. I'm sooooo excited for your recipes. Thanks so much! My girls are great!!