Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Frustrations of a small town....

Things I love about Rexburg…
I love the fact that I walked to school today in -31 degree weather (including wind chill)

I love the fact that I slipped on the ice walking down the sidewalk

I love the fact that someone yelled at me, “learn how to drive” because I backed up so I could get into my parking spot in 3 inches of snow, between two very nice cars. My Bad!!

I love that there are 6 sidewalks on a main road that is only 4 blocks long.

I love breathing in and feeling everything inside of my body freeze.

I love that it snowed over a foot of snow in the past few days

I love that I have to run the heat at 80 degrees to heat my apartment (and the one above me) to 70

I love that everyone is in such a hurry that they can’t stop at a stop sign (I see someone run a stop sign EVERY day, how do the cops miss this?)

Venting, I’m sorry. I just got yelled at and it makes me so mad that people are in such a hurry that they aren’t willing to wait 5 seconds. You know, I think that I am one of the few people in this town that KNOWS how to drive. I actually stop at stop signs and allow people to backup and park AND I don’t roll down the window and yell at them for it. You think that with so many LDS people we could all get along, but everyone is so cranky here. I’m not saying that I’m always the happiest person, but I can say that I really have been trying to not get angry on the road when dealing with stupid people. (Ask Jared)


Karlee said...

This post reminds me why I sssoooo do NOT miss Rexburg! I can agree with EVERYTHING you just wrote about!

Eric and Kathleen said...

Hey! I can't believe how big Ky has gotten, and she's so cute!!! I am so sorry you have to be in Rexburg in the winter. Blah! So cold and miserable. I definately don't miss Utah or Idaho in the winter. You guys should work out a deal where you get to come to Texas in the winter and the Idaho in the beautiful summer. Poor things, you get the worst of both worlds!